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Organization & Public Action Department

Iesha Booker - Organizing

Director of Organization & Public Action, Iesha Booker

The Director of Organization & Public Action is tasked with recruiting the USPS non-members within the San Diego city and county offices for all three crafts to join the San Diego Area Local. Our membership reflects our strength as a local union. The more we stand together, the more solid we become as an organization.

Signing up as a member gets you union shirts to wear to work and gives you a voice and vote at membership meetings concerning issues that affect you in the workplace. It allows you the opportunity to work as a Shop Steward or run for union office. Union membership gives you the benefit of services provided outside the grievance process that non-members don’t receive. We have picnics, parties, and raffles for the members. We assist in OWCP, FMLA, EEO, retirement seminars, veterans’ benefits, and several other issues that postal workers deal with.

The more active a member is in their union, the more they get for their dues which go toward sustaining the location of the Union Hall in San Diego, paying wages to those who do the work of the union and the materials, resources and training required to perform that work.

This department also oversees pickets and events sanctioned by the union. If we schedule a “day of action” to picket outside an office, organize a rally or set up an information booth to leaflet information to the public, this comes from the Director of Organization & Public Action.

If you are a member and want a Union T-Shirt from your Local, just call the Union Hall 619-283-5600 and give your name and tell them you’d like a T-Shirt.

Organizing & Public Action News

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