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Industrial Relations Department

The Industrial Relations Department is responsible for enforcement of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Craft or “Division Directors” oversee their shop stewards’ grievance case files and ensure that they are properly filed, documented, and appealed. The Vice President oversees the stewards in the field (San Diego city stations and County offices).

The local has 2 case filing systems. One is hard copy files kept at the Union Hall and the other is the Electronic Grievance System which is primarily utilized by stewards in the San Diego P&DC (the plant) on Rancho Carmel Drive.

These officers, under the direction of the President also negotiate the Local Memorandums of Understanding (LMOU) for all the district offices we represent. Negotiations normally take place in the few months following the ratification or award of a newly negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement at the national level. Negotiating teams are usually formed to discuss proposals, strategy and roles during scheduled negotiations.

The Industrial Relations Department works together to educate our members and train our stewards and officers. They also research handbooks, manuals and arbitration decisions which are used to assist in contract enforcement. Below are several links to postal and union resources.