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Laura Marvel - HR

Director of Human Relations, Laura Marvel

The Director of Human Relations oversees the assistance we offer to our members for several issues that are outside the typical realm of union stewards.

OWCP – The Occupational Workers Compensation Program is quite complicated if you have no experience with it. You cannot rely on supervisors to make sure it is done correctly and in your best interest. From the onset, we can make sure you fill out the correct forms and follow the proper procedure when claiming an on-the-job injury.

FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act gives employees protection from management trying to discipline for sick leave absences that are beyond a person’s control. There is more to FMLA protection than just hitting a button or saying your sickness is FMLA protected. There is a protocol to follow and our assistance can ensure that if your illness or injury qualifies, that you are successful in getting it.

EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity is another avenue employees have if they feel that they’ve been discriminated against. Although the Local does not officially identify as a legal representative, we can advise as to whether you have a case, how to file a complaint and can refer someone who can act as a representative.

Retirement – When the time comes to graduate from your work life and you want to pick the right retirement option, the Local can assist you by finding seminars or an affiliated Retirement Specialist to make sure you choose the best option before clocking off for the last time.

Veteran’s Benefits – Our military veterans have many benefits through the USPS that they may not know about. We can assist in making sure you know these benefits and how to use them when the time comes.

Social & Recreation – San Diego Area Local schedules many events across the course of a year. We have an annual Labor Day picnic and holiday party every year and will be coming up with new recreational trips, shows or gatherings once the pandemic is over and this Department will be overseeing such things.

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